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WiFun is a user friendly application designed to create personalized WiFi Poster and WiFi access control to any WiFi network. It's a portal that empowers any WiFi owner to create and post pictures and messages from any device, at anytime and anywhere to their WiFi Poster. WiFun can turn a bland splash page into an artistic, unique and cool poster page where you can express your ideas, products and creativity. This personalized WiFi Poster can be customized into a unique design or advertising medium that WiFi users will see before they access your WiFi. You can use the WiFi poster to promote, advertise and announce.

WiFun is not only a creative medium for expressing your message. It also allows you to generate revenue by sharing your WiFi securely to others together with your WiFi Poster and WiFun Cloud portal which can be accessed upon activation. WiFun Cloud allows even an average individual to make a WiFi poster, set and dispense Access Tokens, display real-time reports, and setting other user privileges that are mostly available to big establishments, hotels and Telecom providers.

WiFun can generate WiFi Access Tokens through the WiFun Cloud portal Token Dispenser. A Token is a unique alpha numeric code that serves as a PIN to access your WiFi. A user has to enter that code in the WiFi Poster Token entry box in order to securely access your WiFi.

Now, with WiFun in your Open WiFi Networks, you don't have to worry about security and controlled connection. All are being managed by the WiFun Cloud. Moreover, you can also generate income by sharing your WiFi to others by using your WiFi Poster to promote your products and services. Get your families, friends, customers, guests and neighbors connected with your WiFi. All you need is to be a member to have exclusive access to all these wonderful and exciting WiFun Cloud services!

Residential Houses

For sharing cost expenses of DSL to family members or friends


For landlord who wishes to charge their occupants for the use of WiFi accurately


For advertising products and services through WiFi Poster


Using the WiFi Poster to announce promos and discounts to increase walk in customers and sales.


For promoting their services instantly using WiFi Poster Page and hotel services


For conveying own designs and creativity

Resorts Clubs

For promotions and announcements to members

Educational Institution

For giving the students benefit of the use of WiFi, excluding Firewall settings

Condominium and Town Houses

For properly charging users of the service on a pay per use basis


For proper cost accounting of WiFi usage per department

Public Parks

For Free Internet advertisements with customized WiFi Poster from sponsors

Public Transportation and Tours

For promoting the tour services

There is no monthly operation expenses for the use of WiFun, just a one time membership activation fee. On the other hand, to make your membership active, you need to renew your membership every year. Renewing your membership gives you the benefit of keeping your Cloud updated all the time. It guarantees your Cloud to be always updated to the new features, releases and software in the Cloud Servers. Moreover, it gives you the privilege to generate more income from the roaming features of WiFun, in the future.

For interested parties, kindly contact our Sales department at 811-1530 loc 115.

You don't have to offer your WiFi for free if you have good location. WiFun can also be a good business venture if so desired. WiFun can create a cool way to recover your costs of operation of WiFi and even generate profits by using the Web retailer application that generates and controls the Tokens at your fingertips. Below computation will show how WiFun can pay for your DSL subscription.

If you will advertise your WiFi for only P5 per 30 minutes, you can have this Profit and ROI.

Token Amount: Php 5.00 per 30 minutes
Ave. User Per Day: 10 Users
Daily Sales: Php 50.00
Monthly WiFun Sales: Php 1,500.00
Typical DSL Subscription: Php 990 / Month


WiFun can pay for the DSL cost and the extra P510.00. Please note that the example above is only at its bare minimum and not yet the full potential of WiFun, just imagine if you have average of 20 users per HOUR? Case to case basis right? Also the potential Roaming revenues have not yet been included in this calculation. Roaming is another unique feature of WiFun to all members that allows roaming of users among POW partners with shared usage and revenue. Being a member also guarantees long years of profitability through the unlimited use of WiFun Cloud. Moreover, if your location can get 30 to 50 users per day, imagine the profit potential of your WiFi. In any business, you have to consider three important things, these are; Location, Location and Location. WiFun delivers fun and excitement to your WiFi.

If your place is in a good Location why not try WiFun.

Since WiFun Cloud use is Free to all POW partners, WiFun uses a reserved space for its own service advertisement, this is to guarantee continued operation of the service. This advertising space intended for WiFun purposes is a default setting and cannot be manipulated by the member.